We are a choir school, but you do not have to be a chorister to enjoy music at Christ Church.  We start from the premise that all children have the capacity to make and enjoy music – that there is no such thing as an “unmusical” child.

As befits a school whose tradition of music-making stretches back over hundreds of years, boys here enjoy wonderful opportunities.  Music plays a central role at CCCS and is taught from Nursery to Year 8 as a specialist subject, helping to enhance and enrich the lives of all our pupils through performance, musical history, composition and analytical listening. 

The numerous different choirs and ensembles provide our pupils with a sense of team spirit and discipline that flows into all areas of their lives.  A high level of individual achievement in music leads to a positive feeling of self-esteem, not only for the choristers but also for the vast majority of our boys who take individual instrumental lessons.  This in turn produces annual success in music scholarship auditions, Associated Board examinations and in our own musical events.



We are fortunate to have and to enjoy the superb facility of Merton Field, just across the road from Brewer Street, in Christ Church Meadow.  On extensive and very well-maintained pitches we are able to offer boys coaching and match play in Rugby (Michaelmas Term), Association Football (Hilary Term) and Cricket and Athletics (Trinity Term).  We put out teams at Under 13, 11 and 9 and have a busy fixture list against the major local schools as well as inter-house matches.  Swimming takes place each Friday at Westminster College.  A significant proportion of the timetable is dedicated to Games and virtually every boy at some stage of his career with us will represent the school in a team.  While we want all our boys to enjoy their sport, this is an area of school life that we take seriously.  

There can be few prep schools able to match the idyllic setting of cricket played against the backdrop of Cathedral and College on a summer afternoon; and it is here that our Athletics training culminates in the July Sports’ Day, followed in the afternoon by Trinity Fair, a long-standing school tradition.


Creative Arts

“The doors to our Art Rooms are always open …”

We recognise the Creative Arts as an important means of self-expression.  Throughout the school, from Nursery to Reception and from Pre-Prep to our Form 8 leavers, pupils explore the possibilities of painting, print-making, 3-D design, computer graphics, sculpture, model-making and textiles.

We understand the significance of enabling boys to find the confidence to stand on stage and deliver, and the pride and enjoyment cast members feel when their hard rehearsal work is realised at a performance.  As in many other areas of our school, work starts in the Nursery and Pre-Prep, the Nativity Play being a fine example.  For older boys in Prep a thriving Drama Club supports the various productions and smaller-scale dramatic “happenings” of the year.